The Logo is designed to reflect the motto of the University which is made up of the circular outer ring and center pattern. On the circular outer ring is printed the Chinese and English names of the University, with the upper part for the Chinese in Wu Changshuo’s calligraphic style(Wu Changshuo, born in Huzhou) and the lower part for the English in block letters.

    The main part of center pattern is the university motto “Ming Ti Da Yong” which applied the combination of square seal and true circle to present while below the motto, the number 1916 is the beginning year of our university. The square seal and true circle represent two tools “Gui” and “Ju”which used to correct shape, but now the extension meaning of these two tools are norms and standards. Mencius, an ancient Confucian philosopher, said, “nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards”. Therefore, the core of the logo expresses the educational philosophy and goals that is the university practice the school motto to cultivate students with correct moral orientation and code of conduct.


    With its crimson in the white pattern, the logo represents the meaning of auspicious, happy, vivifying and healthy as well as implies the passionate and positivity of students and vitality and prosperous of university.


University Motto

    “Ming Ti Da Yong”is advocated by Hu Yuan, a famous Northern Song educator and the founder of “Hu Xue”. “Ti” originally denoted the cardinal principles of Confucianism corpus and “Yong” means pragmatism.Therefore, the university motto is the organic synthesis of cardinal principles and pragmatism.

    Although the motto is put forward by our ancestors, its meaning is still of great significance in contemporary. The modern sense of “Ming Ti Da Yong” is to learn to be a man and to make study serve the practical purpose which embodies the educational philosophy of modern comprehensive university.

    Our university inherited the essence of “Ming Ti Da Yong” and erected two motto stones in east and west campuses respectively to encourage students to master both excellent morals and academic skills so that they have the capability to cultivate qualified builders and reliable successors of the socialist cause in the future.

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