Recent years, Professors and teachers of  Huzhou  University undertook 39 projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC),14 projects supported by  National Philosophy and social Science Foundation,93 provincial projects. They have won 1 second national prize in the higher education teaching area, 2 first provincial prize for scientific progress, 2  first provincial prizes and 2 second provincial prizes in the higher education teaching area,6 second provincial prizes for science and technology, 4 second and 10 third  provincial prizes of excellent achievement in the philosophical and social area, 2 provincial prizes of academic progress in the philosophical and social area,1 third prize of excellent achievement in scientific research(humanistic and social science) which awarded by the Ministry of Education, 1 second prize of excellent achievement in sports social sciences. Collaborating with the Huzhou government and the Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resource Research of  Chinese Academy of Sciences , Huzhou University built the Chinese Institute of Ecological Civilization. Furthermore, Huzhou University proactively cooperated with the Huzhou government to build many institutes and organizations, including the Huzhou Institute of Development Studies, Huzhou Institute of Rural Development Studies, Huzhou Institute of Marxism,School of Marxism and journalism, Huzhou Branch Institute of Development and Planning, etc.In total, Huzhou University has 5 research bases of philosophy and social science in Huzhou. In recent 5 years, Huzhou University has established relations with over 400 enterprises and public institutions in the area of industry, education, and research cooperation. It has carried out more than 1000 projects that aimed at servicing for the local area, spent 150 million Yuan in serving the local, and served for enterprises and grass-roots areas, in total, more than 3600 times.

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