Teacher from Huzhou University Publishes Research Paper in Science of The Total Environment

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  Recently, Li Peng, a young teacher of the Key Laboratory of Vector Biology and Pathogen Control of Zhejiang Province from the School of Life Sciences of Huzhou University, published a research paper as the first author entitled Adaptive evaluation for agricultural sustainability of different fertilizer management options for a green manure-maize rotation system: Impacts on crop yield, soil biochemical properties and organic carbon fractions in the internationally renowned academic journal Science of The Total Environment (TOP Q1 Chinese Academy of Sciences, IF: 9.8), after making innovative progress in the study of soil carbon processes and farmland productivity by optimizing fertilization strategies for regenerative systems. Research members include Prof. Hu Feng and researcher Jiao Jiaguo (College of Resources and Environmental Sciences of Nanjing Agricultural University).

  The regenerative systems of farmland production depend on the adoption of management measures that can balance the nutrient output and soil organic carbon (SOC) reserves. Green manure planting can reduce the intensity of soil use, while improving the intensive farmland productivity. However, only few studies have focused on the impacts of green manure application under different fertilization management options on succeeding crop yield and SOC process. The study revealed that green manure with balanced fertilization (type and dose) showed more positive effects on organic carbon fractions and maize yield under vetch-maize rotation test. The findings provide important guidance for applying optimal fertilization management in the green manure phase to improve succeeding crop yield and soil quality as well as to mitigate the adverse impacts of chemical fertilizers.

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