The 2023 Engineering Lab of Petroleum and Chemical Industries of Huzhou University Got Approved

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  Recently, the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (CPCIF) issued the list of ten 2023 Innovation Platforms of Petroleum and Chemical Industries in China. The Engineering Lab for Pyrolysis Treatment and Resource Recovery of Oil-bearing Solid Waste of Petroleum and Chemical Industries is on the list, which is jointly built by the School of Engineering of Huzhou University, Eco Environmental, and Northeast Petroleum University.

  The Engineering Lab carries out researches of pyrolysis treatment and resource recovery of oil-bearing solid waste of petroleum and chemical industries, targeting for national strategic needs of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, and focusing on the urgent needs of related technology upgrading and green and low-carbon development. The Lab, with a focus on pyrolysis technology of multi-component oil-bearing solid waste, process pollutant control and ultra-low emission technology, and integrated development of complete pyrolysis equipment technology, aims to achieve harmless treatment of oil-bearing solid waste and high value-added resource recovery of its products. The purpose is to develop pyrolysis technology and complete equipment system for multiple application scenarios, ultimately providing technological support for China and enhancing its international competitiveness in this field.

  The building and development of this Lab will be of great significance to the manufacturing of high-end environment-friendly machines and equipment, and the development and industrial production of new environmental materials. It will also further promote the development of mechanical engineering, materials science and engineering, and control engineering and other disciplines.


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