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Gathering Talents in Huzhou —— Huzhou University held the “CSC Overseas Returned Scholars Association” and the International Young Scholars Development and Exchange Conference

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  On November 2, “CSC Overseas Returned  Scholars Association” and the International Young Scholars Development and Exchange Conference themed with “Flourishing with Huzhou”, was held in the East Campus Hall of Huzhou University. The conference was organized by China Scholarship Council (CSC), and undertaken by Huzhou University, Talent Office of the Organization Department of the Huzhou Municipal Party Committee, and Huzhou Science and Technology Association.

  Attending the conference are: Chen Xu and Zhu Weiqiu (Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences), Wu Tangchun (Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering), Federico Rosei (Academician of the Academia Europaea, the Academy of Science of the Royal Society of Canada, and Canadian Academy of Engineering), Li Qing (Deputy General Secretary of CSC, Ruan Yeping (Member of the Standing Committee of Huzhou Municipal Committee and Deputy Mayor), Lan Jingjing (Director of International Cooperation and Exchange Office of Department of Education of Zhejiang Province, Director of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Cooperation and Exchange Office), Guo Changbao (Vice President of Hebei University, famous teacher of the National Ten Thousand Talents Plan, Changjiang Distinguished Professor of the Ministry of Education, Li Xin (Director of the Discipline Inspection Commission Office of CSC), Gu Yunfei (Secretary and Executive Vice Chairman of the Leading Party Group of Huzhou Science and Technology Association), Lu Xiaohong (from the Organization Department of the Huzhou Municipal Party Committee Deputy, Director of the Talent Office of Huzhou Municipal Party Committee), Zhu Xinjiang (Deputy Director of Huzhou Human Resource and Social Security Bureau), Jin Peihua (Party Secretary of Huzhou University), Xu Huixia (President of Huzhou University), Li Qingfeng and Lou Jianlin (Vice Presidents of Huzhou University), Shen Yuedi (Vice President of Huzhou College), more than 200 overseas returnees from 126 universities and research institutes across China, over 40 enterprises above designated size such as Tianneng Holding Group, TonyTech, Orient Gene, Jolly Pharmaceutical, relevant departments of Huzhou and Wuxing District, and more than 1,000 representatives of universities, research institutes and teachers and students in Huzhou. In addition, more than 20 winners of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars and Changjiang Distinguished Professors of the Ministry of Education were invited to make special reports.

  The conference was chaired by Xu Huixia, who extended the warmest welcome and heartfelt gratitude to the attending leaders and guests. She said that this conference, held in Huzhou, was open to the whole world, as it brought together many outstanding young scholars at home and abroad and built a new international talent exchange platform for Huzhou University, for Huzhou city, and for Zhejiang province. It will surely become a grand event for academic exchanges among young scholars, provide an important carrier for in-depth exchanges and cooperation among different disciplines, specialties and fields, and bridge more high-level international talents to Huzhou for innovation and entrepreneurship.

  Jin Peihua delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. On behalf of Huzhou University, he extended a welcome to the attending guests, thanked the people from all walks of life who have cared for and provided support for the development of the University over the time, and introduced the achievements of various programs of the University. He said that in recent years, Huzhou University has continued to implement the primary strategy of “Quality Talents, Better University”, which can be seen in the introduction of 100 outstanding doctors at home and abroad every year. The University has attached particular importance to gather young talents and overseas talents for its development, stayed committed to building a top university of political ecology, and continued to seek new paths in attracting talents, carry out practical measures in cultivating talents, and provide sincere service for talents. It has launched a series of initiatives to help the growth and development of talents and teachers, and encourage the innovation and entrepreneurship of talents. The purpose is to strive to provide favorable conditions and stages for all kinds of talents to give full play of their strength and achieve their dreams, and ultimately create enabling university environment flourishing with talents. In line with the thematic education campaign, Huzhou University has strengthened the upgrading of internal system and processes, promoted the modernization of the governance system and governance capacity, and improved administrative efficiency and service quality. In recent years, with the principle that puts students, scholars, academic research and disciplines first, the University has made every effort to build a community with a shared future between the city and the university. It is worth noting that various programs have entered the fast track of high-quality development, with social recognition increased and more and more talents gathering in Huzhou. He sincerely invited young scholars to further learn about, choose and contribute to Huzhou University.

  Ruan Yeping said in her speech that in the past decade, Huzhou has accelerated its transformation from the geographical center of the Yangtze River Delta to the development hub, with accelerated concentration of various innovative factors. Strategic pilots and platforms have settled in Huzhou, including the only Innovation Demonstration Zone for Sustainable Development Agenda in the central region of the Yangtze River Delta and the only International Cooperation Demonstration Zone of Ecological Civilization in the world. Huzhou has become an ideal city for talent entrepreneurship and innovation in China and beyond. As a university which was placed with great expectations by the President Xi Jinping, Huzhou University serves as the cradle of cultivating talents and the source of innovation in Huzhou. In recent years, the University has provided intellectual support for and made positive contributions to the innovation and development of Huzhou, by building a high-level university-city cooperation community with a shared future, following the development trend of Huzhou, strengthening the building of competitive disciplines, improving the mechanism to select, utilize, cultivate and retain talents, and promoting the transformation of scientific research results. Huzhou Municipal People’s Government will take this event as an opportunity to deeply integrate the strength of government, universities, enterprises and high-end think tanks, accelerate the integrated development of education, science and technology, and talents, and create better conditions and provide bigger stages for talents to realize their dreams in Huzhou. She expected talents from all walks of life to choose Huzhou, invest in Huzhou, start a business in Huzhou, and flourish with Huzhou.

  Lan Jingjing delivered a speech. She said that the Department of Education of Zhejiang Province launched the “Overseas Study Program for Young and Middle-aged Backbone Teachers of Colleges and Universities in Zhejiang Province” . The purpose is to select and send outstanding teachers to study abroad, broaden their international horizons, and track cutting-edge technology. So far, the program has served a total of nearly 2,000 teachers. In addition, with the strong support of CSC, the Department of Education has implemented four innovative sub-projects, such as “Special Talent Project for Zhejiang Digital Economy 2.0”, which covers 16 disciplines in 12 universities and colleges, allowing nearly 200 teachers to study abroad every year. These projects have played an important role in improving the overall quality of teachers and strengthening the building of disciplines and specialties. Last year, the Department of Education launched the “Double Hundred Action”, with the aim to support colleges and universities to introduce international top leading talents, upgrade the mechanism to co-introduce, co-cultivate, and share talents, create an environment for attracting, cultivating and utilizing talents, and bring together all kinds of talents from a broader perspective and with greater efforts. She hoped that the attending experts and scholars could build consensus and enhance mutual-learning through exchanges, and also welcomed young talents to start their careers and chase their dreams in Zhejiang.

  Li Qing made a speech. She said that the “Overseas Returned  Scholars Association” initiated by CSC has built an exchange platform for CSC scholars returning from overseas through academic exchanges, achievement presentation, employment, integration of industry, university and research since 2019, creating a real functional online and offline community. More than 10 events have been held, with over 1,000 overseas scholars involved. Focusing on green intelligent manufacturing, this event probed into four aspects, including semiconductor and optoelectronics, intelligent equipment, biomedicine, and sustainable development and innovation in humanities and social sciences. In addition, Yucun Village in Anji County, the birthplace of the concept of “Lucid Waters and Lush Mountains are Invaluable Assets”,would also be visited to understand how Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era comes into being and is practiced in Zhejiang. She hoped that participants could make exchanges and progress together. The CSC would also further put the requirements and plans in place of accelerating and expanding the opening up of education and cultivating talents urgently needed by the country, and make every effort to provide bigger stages for more talents to study abroad and return to China.

  Prof. He Yong (professor from Zhejiang University and a winner of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars), and Academician Zhu Weiqiu (from Chinese Academy of Sciences) shared at the conference their experience of overseas study and scientific research, which deeply inspired the attending young talents.

  Zhu Xinjiang made an introduction of Huzhou, with a focus on the city’s industrial system, innovation platform and talent introduction policy, and invited young talents to contribute their strength and wisdom to the city’s development.

  At the opening ceremony, 10 outstanding young talents signed to become a member of Huzhou University.

  After the opening ceremony, Academician Wu Tangchun delivered a keynote report entitled Protecting Human Health.

  Academician Federico Rosei gave a keynote speech entitled Multifunctional Materials for Emerging Technologies.

  In the afternoon, four parallel sessions were held, focusing on semiconductor and optoelectronics, intelligent equipment, biomedicine, sustainable development and innovation in humanities and social sciences. Altogether  20 well-known experts and scholars made special reports.

  In the subsequent Talent Introduction Confab, high-level talents at home and abroad in various fields had face-to-face communication with universities and enterprises, and carried out in-depth exchanges on cooperation.


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