Research Result of Huzhou University is Recommended by the National Office for Education Sciences Planning as Excellent Achievement

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  Recently, the concluding result of Research on Educational Thought from the Perspective of Marx’s Political Philosophy (General Education Project of the National Social Science Fund of China (NSSFC), Project Approval No.: BAA180025), chaired by Prof. Shu Zhiding from Huzhou University, was recommended by the National Office for Education Sciences Planning as excellent achievement.

  Based on the research of Marx’s educational thought in the new era, the project studies Marx’s educational thought from the perspective of Marx’s political philosophy after reviewing basic viewpoints of Marx’s educational thought. It aims to form new thinking on education by studying Marx’s classic works, especially about how Marxism transforms the educational research thought. At the same time, in light of Marx’s educational thought, the project rises to new requirements and issues in educational reform with a focus on educational development, especially education practice in China, by adopting problem-oriented approaches.

  Since the establishment of the project, Prof. Shu Zhiding (chief expert) has performed his duties sincerely and built a well-organized research team composed of over 10 research experts and key members of related disciplines by leveraging disciplinary advantages. Through text analysis and comparative analysis of thinkers’ views and by in-depth reading Marx’s texts, the team compares the educational theories of ancient thinkers and Enlightenment thinkers, especially the educational viewpoints of classical German thinkers, clarifies how these thinking changes, and elaborates Marx’s basic views on thinking patterns transformation of traditional educational research in a systematic manner. On this basis, they discuss important issues such as Marx’s educational justice, human education, and the foundation of historical materialism of education. At the same time, following modern development needs of Marx’s educational theory in China, the team adopts the basic viewpoints and methodology of Marx’s educational theory to guide the research on current educational issues by integrating the new requirements of China’s contemporary educational reform and development. In addition, the project also studies the thinking patterns of philosophy of education, the criticism of technological philosophy of digital education, and the systematic reflection of educational hominology.

  In line with relevant regulations and requirements of the NSSFC, the research team has carried out meticulous researches and achieved a series of high-quality results under the guidance of rigorous and practical spirit. The results are: 1) symposia including Capital and Education: Marx’s Legacy, and the Taihu Forum on Marxist Educational Thought in China 2023 themed with Humanity, Alienation, Practice and Education in the Age of Artificial Intelligence; 2) research papers including Marxist Educational Thought and Contemporary Society published in the Journal of Shaanxi Normal University, the Huzhou Initiative to Promote the Innovative Development of Marxist Educational Thought in China in the New Era on the Chinese Social Sciences Net, Marx’s Establishment of the Human Dimension of Educational Premises, The Ontology of Education Highlighted by Labor - A Study of the Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844 by Carl Marx in Educational Research, Marx’s Political Philosophy Interpretation on the Virtue Education with Perceptual Activities in Educational Research and Experiment, Marx Reconstructed the Theoretical Framework of Educational Justice Theory in the Journal of East China Normal University (Educational Sciences), The Influence of Marx’s Theory of Social Class on the Study of Educational Equality, Revisiting the Value of Marx’s Historical Materialism on the Educational Studies in Modern Education Review, and others in Education Sciences in China. These research papers are also reposted by China Social Science Digest, China Social Science Excellence, and Pedagogy; 3) special academic reports invited by Renmin University of China, Southwest University, Tianjing University and Shanxi University on Marx’s Views on Education and Man’s All-round Development, and Marx’s Four Implication of Education to Production. All of these researches are widely recognized across the academic world.

  The National Office for Education Sciences Planning attaches great importance to the closing work of the  NSSFC education projects of  and requires highly on the quality of project results. The recommendation represents recognition of features and advantages of the research team of Huzhou university in pedagogy study, and will definitely motivate further research work in this realm.

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