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Vice President of Russian Academy of Engineering Tupolev and His Delegation Visited Huzhou University

[作者]: [来源]:School of Life Sciences [时间]:2023-09-29 15:47:49 [阅读次数]:36

  On September 27, Academician Tupolev Valerii (Vice President of Russian Academy of Engineering (RAE)), together with Bai Wenlong (Vice President of the Beijing Zhichan Heli Research Institute of Science and Technology) and Wang Ning (Deputy Director of the China Industry-University-Research Institute Collaboration Association (CIUR)), visited our university and presented the Foreign Member’s Certificate of RAE to Wu Choufei (Professor of the College of Life Sciences, Huzhou University)。 Attending the meeting are: Xu Huixia (President), Lou Jianlin (Vice President), and heads from Party Committee and President Office, HR Department, Department of Science and Technology, Foreign Affairs Office, and School of Life Sciences. The meeting was chaired by Lou Jianlin.

  Xu Huixia welcomed the visit of Tupolev Valerii and his delegation to Huzhou University, congratulated Prof. Wu Choufei on his election as a foreign academician of RAE, and introduced the history and development of the University. She pointed out that in recent years, the University has continued to expand international exchanges, especially international education and cooperation with Russia, and has made remarkable achievements. As an outstanding high-level talent independently cultivated by Huzhou University, Prof. Wu has been focusing on theoretical research and technological development in the field of applied microbiology for a long time. The University will continue to provide support for Prof. Wu and his team on relevant studies. At the same time, she also hoped that the experts of RAE would provide more guidance for Huzhou University, with the purpose to jointly promote cooperation, innovation, application and development of China-Russia science and technology.

  On behalf of RAE, Tupolev Valerii presented Prof. Wu Choufei a Foreign Member’s Certificate and spoke highly of his academic achievements in application engineering of agricultural microbiology. He said that Huzhou University boasted solid strength in scientific research, and hoped to take this opportunity to further strengthen exchanges with Huzhou University and make cooperation on international academic exchanges and scientific research.

  Prof. Wu Choufei expressed his gratitude to the recognition of RAE and the support provided by the University over the years. He said that at this new start, he would continue to play a leading role in academic research, promote the building of disciplinary talent pool, and work closely with RAE in project cooperation and talent training to produce high-quality scientific research and technology application results.

  During the meeting, the two sides carried out in-depth communication on Kunpeng Action and China-Russia academic and educational exchanges. Besides, Tupolev Valerii and his delegation also visited the Key Laboratory of Vector Biology and Pathogen Control of Zhejiang Province in our university.

  Founded in 1990, Russian Academy of Engineering is a scientific institution with important academic influence?across?the globe and an?All-Russian Public Organization. It used to be the Soviet Academy of Engineering, and was later joined by the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Russian Ministry of Industrial Science and Technology, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the Russian Federal Space Agency and other departments before becoming a cross industry institution. There are more than 1,500 academicians. Among them, over 100 are foreign ones, including Song Jian, Xu Kuangdi (Former Presidents of Chinese Academy of Engineering), and Li Xiaohong (Current President of Chinese Academy of Engineering)。 Prof. Wu Choufei has been focusing on theoretical research, technology development and product development in terms of applied microbiology for a long time. He illustrates the directional activation mechanism of yeast autophagy on beneficial flora in plant habitats for the first time in China, initiates the customized technical system of agricultural lactic acid compound bactericide featuring efficient isolation, targeted breeding, and directional activation, leads more than 50 scientific research projects, owns over 60 Chinese invention patents, publishes more than 70 papers, and wins 5 provincial awards. Prof. Wu is committed to achieving the production of fruits and vegetables free from pesticide residue with green and low-carbon technology, promoting the transformation of ecological value of agricultural products, and advancing the green and sustainable development of agriculture.


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