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Party Secretary Jin Peihua and His Delegation Visited Azerbaijan University of Languages and the Azerbaijan National Library

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  On August 24, a delegation led by Jin Peihua, secretary of the Party Committee of the University, visited Azerbaijan University of Languages and the Azerbaijan National Library. Members of the delegation also include heads of Department of Development Planning, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Music, International School, etc.

  Rector Kamal Abdullaev, former Prime Minister and Vice Rector for Science and Technology Novorus Məmmədov, Vice Rector for Teaching and Learning Sevinc Zeynalova, Vice Rector for Foreign Affairs Jala Garibova, Director of the Confucius Institute Rafik Abbasov from Azerbaijan and Director of the Confucius Institute Li Jihua from China, all the middle and high level leaders of the Azerbaijan University of Languages, and the whole staff of the Confucius Institute warmly welcomed the delegation.

  In his welcoming address, Kamal said that since establishment, the Confucius Institute at the Azerbaijan University of Languages has been running smoothly and working effectively, making more and more Azerbaijan people realize the charm of the Chinese language and culture. He believes that with the closer relationship between the two countries, the Confucius Institute will achieve even more remarkable development. He looks forward to further deepening of cooperation between the two universities, such as the establishment of a “Chinese language school”, the launch of student exchange programs, joint master training and joint academic research. He hopes the two sides can cultivate more young talents dedicated to China-Azerbaijan friendship, so that the “Huzhou-Baku” road will become a grand road for young people of the two nations.

  Jin Peihua said that deepening of cooperation and exchanges between the two universities is very timely and breeds unlimited opportunities. He hopes that the Confucius Institute could continue to look into local needs and explore more cooperation resources between the two universities and the two countries, so as to further enrich the connotation of education, expand the scope of school operation, and strive to become a benchmark for the numerous Confucius institutes across the world. Huzhou University will, as always, give full support to the construction and development of the Confucius Institute by sending teachers and volunteers, training local teachers and holding special cultural activities. At the same time, it will join hands with the Azerbaijan University of Languages to carry out broader and deeper cooperation in student exchanges, teacher visits and scientific research, so as to achieve higher levels of mutual benefits and win-win results, and contribute to the inheritance of friendship, to the economic and trade exchanges and to the economic and social development of the two nations.

  At the meeting, the two sides signed an cooperation agreement on the practice base for international Chinese education before they cut the ribbons and unveiled the plaques for the “Overseas Promotion Base for Silkworm and Silk Culture” as well as the “Overseas Practice Base for International Chinese Education”。

  Carpet weaving is a traditional craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation in Azerbaijan. As a national treasure of Azerbaijan, the carpet is a commodity traveling between East and West on the Silk Road since ancient times. In order to express his sincere friendship to Huzhou University, Kamal presented the delegation with an exquisite Azerbaijani carpet on behalf of Azerbaijan University of Languages.

  Jin Peihua handed over to Kamal two works of Huzhou University teachers “Orchid Picture” and “Carp Picture” together with the white tea from Huzhou. The orchid symbolizes noble friendship as well as virtues of gentlemen, and is a token of unity, intimacy and long-lasting friendship. Fish symbolizes abundance and prosperity; fish in different forms form the Chinese character “福(fu)”, which means good and sincere blessings. The white tea, which grows from the natural soil of Huzhou, expresses the genuine Huzhou taste and embodies the friendly relationship between Huzhou University and Azerbaijan University of Languages, indicating that the profound feelings between teachers and students of the two universities would be renewed and passed on.

  Then, the two sides had in-depth exchanges on wide topics such as China’s ecological civilization construction and Huzhou’s silkworm and silk culture. A meeting of the 7th Board of Directors of the Confucius Institute was also held.

  After the meeting, the delegation visited teachers of the Confucius Institute. On behalf of the university, Jin Peihua thanked the teachers for their hard work. He said that behind the continuous development of the Confucius Institute were the silent devotion of teachers and volunteers as well as the courageous enterprising efforts of the Chinese and foreign directors. The teachers introduced their respective situations and shared their perceptions of the work in the Confucius Institute. According to them, life in a foreign country is fulfilling and meaningful, as the Confucius Institute is like a big harmonious family full of warmth and joy.

  At the National Library of Azerbaijan, Ding Tao, Public Councilor of the Chinese Embassy in Azerbaijan, Kerim Takhirov, director of the National Library of Azerbaijan and Jin Peihua jointly attended the opening ceremony of the “Huzhou Corner”。

  At the ceremony, Jin Peihua and Kerim Takhirov unveiled together the newly completed “Huzhou Corner” and the “Overseas Promotion Base for Silkworm and Silk Culture”。 Altogether 60 books including “The Stories of a Thousand Villages” were presented by Huzhou University to the National Library of Azerbaijan on the spot; another 2,000 books would be delivered by mail.

  Kerim Takhirov warmly welcomed the delegation and thanked Huzhou University for the gift of books. He said that the National Library of Azerbaijan is one of the largest national libraries in the Caucasus region and Europe, and has established cooperative relations with a number of national libraries including the National Library of China. The books donated by Huzhou University would be placed in a most prominent position so that Azerbaijani people can better understand China and the beautiful Huzhou through these books. He hoped that Azerbaijani book corners could also be established in libraries in China in the future so as to convey the friendship and warmth of the Azerbaijani people.

  Jin Peihua handed a Chinese Calligraphy “湖州角 (Huzhou Corner)” written by a teachers of Huzhou University to Kerim Takhirov, and said that the Azerbaijan National Library is one of the largest, most prestigious and enterprising national libraries in the world, and it is very meaningful to hold the “Huzhou Corner” opening ceremony at the special centenary moment of the Library. He hoped that the establishment of  “Huzhou Corner” could show a beautiful and real China to Azerbaijani friends, create a new “cultural landmark” for the exchanges between China and Azerbaijan, enhance the friendship between the two peoples and promote exchanges and mutual learning between the two civilizations.

  After the ceremony, the delegation toured around the National Library of Azerbaijan.


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