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“Chinese Bridge” Summer Camp of Confucius Institute at Huzhou University Ended Successfully

[作者]: [来源]:Foreign Affairs Office [时间]:2023-07-18 9:28:55 [阅读次数]:11

  On July 16, the “Chinese Bridge” Summer Camp held by Huzhou University for students from the Confucius Institute of Azerbaijan University of Languages successfully closed.

  The closing ceremony reviewed the process and wonderful moments of the summer camp, and presented certificates to outstanding participants. To share their feelings about this camp, some participants cited ancient Chinese poems and presented their understanding of these poetic lines; Some performed traditional Chinese dances; all reckoned that the experience at Huzhou would be far-reaching and unforgettable.

  During the camp, participants visited many scenic spots in Huzhou with the purpose of getting an immersive experience of “Seeing a Beautiful China in Huzhou”。 They took a tour around the quiet water town of Nanxun, experienced unique local customs on the Yishang Street, read Chinese classics that allowed them to have a time-traveling conversation with ancient Chinese people. They also took some interactive lessons about the traditional Chinese culture, including calligraphy, bamboo hand-weaving, Chinese opera facial masks painting and dragon-dancing.

  This year marks the tenth anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)。 It is also a key year for Huzhou University in terms of the development of education internationalization. With the Confucius Institute at Azerbaijan University of Languages as the platform, Huzhou University has been actively promoting the high-quality development of the BRI, trying its best to tell China stories well and showing the most beautiful voice of the university. The summer camp for the Confucius Institute of Azerbaijan University of Languages is of great significance to Huzhou University in its cause of further promoting the development of Confucius Institutes and education internationalization. Going forward, Huzhou University will further carry out international and multicultural exchange activities, so as to provide a platform for students worldwide to improve their Chinese language skills, comprehend Chinese culture and learn about China in the new era, building friendship bridges across languages and cultures.


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