Teacher from Huzhou University Publishes Paper in MOLECULAR PLANT

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Recently, Associate Professor Wang Zhanqi from School of Life Sciences, together with the team of Professor Zhou Xaping from Institute of Plant Protection of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences / Zhejiang University and the team of  Professor Li Fei from Zhejiang University, constructed the Geminiviridae-Plant-Insect Database (GPIBase). Their joint research results GPIBase: A comprehensive resource for geminivirus-plant-insect research was officially carried on the internationally renowned academic journal Molecular Plant (TOP q1 Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2021IF: 21.95, 2022 Immediate impact factor IF: 26.52).

The database consists of five main modules:

1) Browse: Complete search and download of twin virus, virus host, virus host and virus companion satellite β information, while comprehensive basic and genetic information provided on the detailed interface;

2) Network: Visualizing the virus-plant-insect interaction through the network structure, and visually analyzing the relationship between different viruses, hosts and hosts;

3) Phylogeny: The most comprehensive phylogenetic relationships of the family phylogeny established based on whole genome sequence alignment of twins;

4) Tools: providing BLAST function for comparison and search of viral gene proteins;

5) Literature: Updating the research progress related to twin viruses in a timely manner and building an preliminary international community of twin virus researchers by analyzing the authors of twin virus literature. This provides a convenient and important basis for the follow-up study of twin virus.

GPIBase provides the most complete information on twin viruses, virus host information, viral vector genetic information, virus-plant-insect interaction information, and a variety of online tools, which can synchronously update relevant literature and initiate an international community of twin virus researchers.


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