Our Professors were Invited to Participate in the International Forum on “The World Significance of Chinese Governance”

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The morning of November 18, hosted by the State Council Information Office, Xinhua News Agency, the government of Zhejiang Province, The World Significance of Chinese Governance international forum was successfully held in Huzhou. Professor Zhou Jianhua, Dean of the School of Business, and Professor Wang Feng of the School of Social Development and Management were invited to participate in the forum. Professor Wang Feng was also invited to participate in the opening ceremony of the South Taihu Lake Governance Research Institute held in Zhili Town on the 17th. Professors Zhou Jianhua and Wang Feng have studied and paid attention to the practice of social governance in Huzhou for many years, and have finished a number of projects and consulting reports in this area.

 In recent decades, China has made remarkable achievements in the economy, education, health care, social security and other areas for the socialist governance system with Chinese characteristics and the escort of the governance system. Therefore, China's governance experience is also useful for other countries to learn from. The remarkable results achieved by Huzhou in social governance are a vivid sample of national governance in China and provincial governance in Zhejiang Province. As the only undergraduate institution in Huzhou, our university has an innate geographical advantage in researching social governance in Huzhou, but also has a good research platform and conditions.

In the future, our university will take this forum and the establishment of the South Taihu Lake Governance Research Institute as opportunities to further study and dig into the local social governance experience in Huzhou City and provide intellectual support to promote provincial governance and the modernization of national governance to create more Huzhou experience.


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