Our school’s Aquatic Breeding Team Participate in the 5th “World Macrobrachium Rosenbergii Conference”

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On November 15-18, 2019, the 5th World Macrobrachium Rosenbergii Conference, co-hosted by the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) and Shanghai Ocean University, was held in Shanghai. With renowned experts, business representatives and academic elites from 15 countries attending the international level symposium. Researcher Yang Guoliang, Tang Qiongying and Associate Researcher Gao Quanxin from the aquatic breeding team of Huzhou University attended the conference.

Yang Guoliang, researcher of our university was invited as a special guest, presented a special report entitled “EXPLORATION on the INNOVATIVE MODEL of IMPROVED VARIETIES of Macrobrachiumrosenbergii”, showcased the breeding team led by Yang Guoliang after 24 years of efforts to launch the excellent varieties and strains, analyzed the breeding-reproduction-promotion integration model in China`s industrial development. Participants had a more comprehensive understanding of the industrial status of China`s Macrobrachium rosenbergii, the main breeding and nursery technology, and for the existence of “Iron Shrimp” and “White-tail Disease” and other issues raised different insights.

The conference offers an international stage for renowned scholars and enterprise technical experts at home and abroad to showcase their achievements, exchange technology and deepen innovation. Three graduate students and one international student from our breeding team attended the symposium was able to understand the cutting-edge scientific research results. The successful breeding of all-male or all-female Macrobrachium rosenbergii by Professor Sagi, Israel, the fat metabolism pathway proposed by Professor Wu Xugan, Shanghai Ocean University, and the breeding techniques and the latest varieties introduced by Indonesian scholar Professor Indy have all had a profound impact on the graduate students.


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