Specially-appointed Foreign Experts from Our University were Invited to Participate in the International Forum on “China's Road and Human Destiny Community”

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On November 25, an international forum on “China's Road and Human Destiny Community” was held in Ningbo City. Academician Viktor Pielorenko, Professor Lydia Pielorenko, Associate Professor Irina Shaliakova Bazanka, Associate Professor Larisa Smolinchuk were invited to participate in the forum with nearly 200 domestic and international experts and scholars from 12 countries.

The scholars had an in-depth exchange on seven topics, including the achievements and experience of the 70-year socialist road in New China, the basic experience and world significance of China's reform and opening-up practice, the innovative development of the road to socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, the historical contribution of the community of human destiny to the road to human liberation, the thirtieth anniversary of the Soviet-Eastern Revolution, the Marxist Oriental social theory and the Chinese programme, socialism with Chinese characteristics and capitalism in the Caudine Valley. Academician Viktor Pielorenko gave keynote speeches on “Eurasian Integration Strategy as a Model for Building a Community of Human Destiny”, Professor Lydia Pielorenko on “Research on Historical and Cultural Traditions as One of the Ways to Promote the Construction of ‘One Belt, One Road’”, Associate Professor Irina Shaliakova Bazanka on “National Consciousness of Chinese and Belarusian People: Successful Socio-cultural Exchanges and Effective Economic Cooperation”, Larisa Smolinchuk on “Education and Culture as Important Factors for Building a Community of Human Destiny”.

This forum has built an important dialogue platform for Marxists and socialists around the world, and also created a valuable window for studying and researching the propagation of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era of Xi Jinping, spreading Chinese voices and telling good Chinese stories.


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