First national program in College of Arts

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Recently, the research program 《The Research On Academic ideas of Zhang Daoyi》,which under the guide of Hanchao, has been set as post-funded project of National Social Science Fund. Hanchao is a teacher from Department of Visual Communication in the College of Arts. It is the first national program in College of Arts. At the same time, the college’s provincial programs also develop rapidly.


During these two years, scientific research in the College of Arts has made some remarkable achievements: 12 municipal programs (more than the gross of the past five years),1 provincial program( the first provincial program after the year 2012)in 2014;15 municipal programs,1 provincial program in 2015;1 national program, 5 provincial programs, 7 municipal programs in 2016. Progress has been made in the fields like paper publishing, professional award and transverse project. During the past two years, there have been papers published in authoritative journals and four works from three teachers have been selected in the 12th National Arts Exhibition.


Recent years, sticking to the discipline construction strategy, the College of Arts has made remarkable progress through the construction in talent introduction, team building, academic exchange, etc.

Talent introduction

The college has introduced a group of talents from the universities around the Yangtze River Delta, forming a new and reserve force to the longitudinal research.


Team building

With doctor studio and art and design institute set up, talents as research team leader, the college has made remarkable progress in theoretical research, creation and performance, and local service.


Academic exchange

With two school-supported disciplines and a humanities and social science research base, steady progress has been made in academic exchange. Every year, the college invites dozens of experts to give lectures. In order to enhance the academic atmosphere, the college also encourages teachers to participate the academic salon.


Project application

Under the guidance of “college program-municipal program-provincial program” strategy, all teachers are encouraged to participate in the project application. Teachers with college program are encouraged to apply for municipal program, teachers with municipal program are encouraged to apply for provincial program, and teachers with provincial program are encouraged to apply for national program. Teachers’ awareness on scientific research and discipline construction are improved. The enthusiasm of young teachers and new talents runs high. The college has made substantial progress in scientific research.


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