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Huzhou University the 1st Meeting of Assembly of Fellows (Journalism Subject) Held

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    Huzhou University the 1st meeting of assembly of fellows (Journalism Subject) held in 18th March and this subject is established by the municipal publicity department and literature college of Huzhou University. The director of assembly of fellows, the member of the Standing Committee and the publicity minister Hu Jingjing, the administrative vice-minister of the municipal publicity department Wu Wei, the vice minister of of the municipal publicity department Xu Xin, the director of municipal education bureau Pan Yin, the deputy secretary of CPC in Huzhou University Huang Jianping, the vice-principal Jiang Yunliang and the whole committee of Assembly of Fellows attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by the Huang Jianping.


    The dean of literature college Wang Shaofeng reported the construction planning of this year and the next 3 years of the Journalism subject project which included four parts: course construction, laboratory and the library construction, students practice and talent team construction.


    After the briefing, Hu Jingjing proposed 4 suggestions about the joint construction: (1) strengthening the education and practice of Marxism journalism; (2) improving students’ understanding of news rules; (3) cultivating students’ abilities of social survive and working; (4) making full use of irrigation of the Department and the College. She also emphasized that in the process of joint construction, all of us should keep the original purpose and pay more attention to the cultivation of young Marxist.


    At the end of the meeting, Huang Jianping summarized that as the construction process of Journalism Subject, theory and practice are of equal importance. We must carry out the Marxism journalism in the whole process of talent journalists cultivation, and bring into maximal efficacy of the municipal publicity department, Huzhou University, Huzhou Daily Group, Huzhou Broadcasting & TV Group to advance joint construction and the cultivation of Marxism journalism talents.

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