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Huzhou University 2016 Conference on Education Internationalization Held

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    To comprehensively promote the progress of the internationalization of higher education in our school, Huzhou University held the 2016 Education Internationalization conference in 23rd March. The conference was hosted by the principal Zhang Liqin and heads from relative departments as well as vice-dean of teaching from secondary schools attended this conference.   



   The conference reviewed and summarized the phased achievements of education internationalization in 2015, and detailedly deployed the work tasks of 2016 which focused on the teaching management, enrollment and daily management & education of international students, international assessment index system etc.    

    Principal Zhang sufficiently affirmed all the achievements and pointed out that in the new period of One Belt And One Road, the work of education internationalization is facing new opportunities and challenges. We should act locally and think globally to fully explore the rich regional culture and social economic resources of Huzhou, and take the education internationalization as an important way of university’s leap development and an vital means of school’s transformation and upgrading to achieve the catch-up growth of our school’s education internationalization. The  three emphatic aspects in the next phase are as follows: (1) increasing the opening-up and doing well the top design of education internationalization; (2) enhancing the collaboration and promoting the substantial development of education internationalization; (3) strengthening the reform and innovation, defining the workflow and improving the management level.    

    In the meantime, Principal Zhang emphasized that the year of 2016 is the first year of Huzhou “13th Five-Year-Plan” which have great significance for the promotion of education internationalization work and improvement of educational level and quality. This year,  education internationalization work will be listed in the key work arrangement. All departments and schools must pay high attention and make strategic planning. The University should unify understandings and sincerely cooperate to continually broaden the international horizons and open mind to achieve the target of international characteristic university in Zhejiang and influential regional comprehensive university.


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