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Confucius Institute at Azerbaijan Language University Holds Online Fun Military Knowledge Contest

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With the forthcoming Army Day of August 1st, the Confucius Institute at Azerbaijan Language University held an online fun Chinese military knowledge contest on July 30. Zhang Zunguo, the military attache attended the event and delivered a speech. The foreign dean Rafik, the Chinese Dean Li Jihua and teacher Chen Xiaozhen also attended the online event.

Both of military attache Zhang Zunguo and Dean Rafik delivered speeches, expressing hope that students will learn about ancient military thoughts and military knowledge through this event to improve their thinking, and guide work practice.

After various selections, a total of twelve students from the first to fourth grades majoring in Sinology at the University entered this fun military knowledge contest. The competition was divided into two stages: competitive answers and required answers. The host randomly selected the questions, and the participants competed to reply to. The winner was the one with the highest score. After the contest, the Chinese teachers highly applauded many contestants for their quite good command of Chinese military knowledge and expression of the Chinese language.

The online fun military knowledge contest has helped increase the interest of Chinese majors in learning about Chinese military knowledge and its history, further promoting the spread of Chinese culture. Outstanding participants will be rewarded by the Confucius Institute.

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