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Time to Say Farewell

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On July 27, the Confucius Institute at the Azerbaijan Language University held an online farewell party for the 8 outgoing teachers and volunteer teachers. Foreign Dean Rafik, Chinese Dean Li Jihua, and all the teachers attended the meeting. It was presided over by Chinese Dean.

Every leaving teacher gave a parting speech. They gained a lot after one or two worthwhile years of teaching in the Confucius Institute. Especially when they saw students get good grades in Chinese competitions or be admitted by domestic universities, a great sense of accomplishment filled their minds. The teachers expressed thanks to the dean for giving his care and love, and creating a pleasant working environment for everyone.

Dean Li Jihua delivered a speech after listening to the speeches. She mentioned that every teacher in the Confucius Institute having their own strength, is serious and rigorous, loyal to their Chinese education career, which has won the preference and praise of teachers, students and parents. The Confucius Institute has always had a high mobility of teachers. At this time of the year, no matter how unwilling they are, they still have to say goodbye to the outgoing teachers, who take it not only a workplace, but also a big family.

In the end, Dean Rafik thanked every teacher for their contributions to Chinese teaching and cultural activities in the Confucius Institute. He also welcomed the return of these teachers, and wished them a happy life and good luck with work in the future.

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