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Still Hope for the Future When Can’t Predict

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This is the best the worst time. The epidemic came without any signs, abrupt and furious, disrupting everyone's life.

So far, online teaching has been carried out for nearly four months. I have experienced an unusual teaching from the initial confusion and discomfort to the ease of copying now. Step by step, I changed my teaching concepts and integrated online resources combined with necessary class expansion. I also took care of every detail of the classes to ensure that students learned knowledge accurately and effectively.

Due to the gradual deterioration of the local situation, we usually self-quarantine at home except for necessary shopping. Dipped in how to make life rich and fulfilling after teaching, I have not only known about all kinds of exotic ingredients and spices, but also learned to calm my heart and enjoy the present life.

The 2020 epidemic is not only a test of our health, but also a test of our mental power. We have to go through some unhappy days before everything gets better. We should be patient before good luck arrives. Only when we live the life we love and love what we have can we enjoy a happy life.

Vast as the path ahead is, the future deserves our expectations.

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