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Joint Inspections of Police Academy and International Student Apartment with Party Member Volunteer Activities Conducted by International College

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In order to further strengthen the summer safety management of international student apartments, enhance the safety awareness of all international students, and effectively prevent student apartment safety accidents, the International College conducted security inspections on international student apartments on the evening of June 30, with a team of volunteer teachers of party members, apartment counselors, international student leaders and public security officers.

The inspection, involving more than 300 apartments in 32 and 33 international colleges, mainly aimed at checking the information about the personnel in each dormitory, sanitary conditions, electricity safety, and kitchen equipment safety. Inspection members carefully verified the personnel information of international students on campus, and dealt with dormitories with problems which would be recorded. They also explained the apartment safety management regulations and related laws in detail to the international students, and conducted safety education on the dormitories with safety hazards. It was emphasized that if anyone who does not live in the building break in, students should report to the relevant teacher immediately.

Safety work is no easy matter. As the most densely populated place in universities, student apartments are at the heart of school safety work. This joint investigation has not only completed student information verification and apartment safety inspections, but also carried out a safety education to make international students fully aware of the importance of complying with school disciplines and regulations. It has laid the foundation for further improving the management of international student apartments, creating a good living and learning environment, and building a safe campus.

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