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My epitome of fighting the epidemic in Azerbaijan

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The Spring Festival of 2020 is quite different from previous years. For me, I started a one-year journey of teaching Chinese in Azerbaijan. While in China, everything was paused by a sudden epidemic of COVID-19, shrouding the country in the haze of the epidemic.

When China was making efforts to fight the epidemic, the epidemic has also begun to spread to other countries and regions. At the end of February, the first case appeared in Azerbaijan. In mid-March, the local epidemic situation became more serious, and schools of all levels and types began to close. In order to reassure my family, I have kept in touch with my family, teachers and classmates. I also maintained a normal life at home, and carried out orderly home anti-epidemic actions.

In online discussions arranged by the dean of the Confucius Institute, I took an active participation, exchanging live teaching experience, optimizing methods and improving teaching effects with full use of online teaching resources. We took students as the center, and fully mobilized their enthusiasm for participating in the cloud classroom, so as to enrich their Chinese learning experience. At the same time, all of our Chinese teachers also received the anti-epidemic love package filled with masks, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes from the Chinese Embassy in Azerbaijan. The motherland is always our strongest backing.

At present, Azerbaijan is still in a critical period of epidemic prevention and control. The government has begun to issue and implement various measures, which show the determination and confidence in fighting the epidemic.

In the days of fighting the "epidemic" overseas, I went through struggles, panics, but also had efforts, gains and growth. Because of perseverance and protection from front-line medical staff, we are able to maintain a quiet life. A rainbow will be seen after the stormy epidemic.

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