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Confucius Institute of Azerbaijan Linguistic University Held an Online Chinese Calligraphy Competition of “Combating the Epidemic and Overcoming Difficulties Together”

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With the support of the Chinese Embassy in Azerbaijan, the Confucius Institute of the Azerbaijan Linguistic University organized an online Chinese calligraphy competition with the theme Combating the Epidemic and Overcoming the Difficulties Together for Chinese language lovers in Azerbaijan from April 16 to May 6 which received positive responses with a total of 102 entries.

After careful consideration by the jury, Asgarova Maryam, a 15-year-old girl in the ninth grade of the 11th Secondary School in Sumgait, won the first prize. Rəfiyeva Könül, a Chinese language enthusiast from Baku, and Abbasova Nargiz, a first-year student of Chinese studies at the Azerbaijan Language University, won the second prize. Selimova Fidan and Seidəliyeva Nuran, also from the Language University, and Məmmədova Səidə, a graduate of the Economics University, won the third prize. The Confucius Institute will present certificates and prizes to the winners.

The contestants said that in order to complete their works, they had consulted a lot of information, which not only gave them a deeper understanding of Chinese culture, but also deeply felt that in the current time when the NCP is raging around the world, we all need to keep a positive attitude and work together. China has set a good example for the world in the fight against the epidemic, and all countries should thank China and learn from it. The competition receives the support of the leadership of the Chinese Embassy in Azerbaijan and the Confucius Institute of the Azerbaijan Linguistic University. Against the backdrop of the National Quarantine, the online calligraphy contest further mobilized the enthusiasm of Chinese language lovers in Afghanistan, enhanced the promotion of Chinese culture in the country, and propagated Chinas essential idea of promoting international cooperation together.

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