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Confucius Institute of Azerbaijan Linguistic University organized the “Winter Voice” Speech Contest

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December 19, near the end of the period, the Confucius Institute of Azerbaijan Linguistic University organized the Winter Voice Chinese Speech Contest, in which the students of Chinese Studies of the Azerbaijan Linguistic University and teachers of the Confucius Institute participated.

The competition was assessed by the teachers of the Confucius Institute. Around the theme of "Dream", each participant gave full play to his or her Chinese speaking ability and showed how he or she came into contact with Chinese, learned Chinese and eventually fell in love with Chinese. Liu Yani introduced her wonderful destiny of falling in love with Chinese because of a trip. Wu Zilin told an interesting story about the people around her after learning Chinese. And Nargiz, a freshman, shared her joy and sorrow in learning Chinese. These true stories touched the students and the judges, and the delightful speeches won warm applause from time to time. Through the fierce competition, Lu Ran, a second year student, won the first prize in the speech contest, while the remaining participants won their respective awards. This speech contest not only provides a platform for Chinese learners to show themselves, but also further enhances their enthusiasm for learning Chinese. The Confucius Institute of Linguistic University has been promoting the development of Chinese language teaching through various forms of activities.

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