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The International Academy organized a Public Service Lecture on “Caring for Physical Health and Showcasing Femininity”

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In order to enhance the self-care awareness and ability of the female students and further understand the importance of physiological health, our school especially invited the Huzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital Yufei Public Welfare to come to the school for all female students to carry out Caring for Physical Health and Showcasing Femininity topic public welfare lecture. Ms. Ren Yuefang, M.D., Deputy Chief Physician of Huzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital, was the principal speaker of this lecture. Dr. Ren introduced the core activities of Yufei, and introduced the physiological structure of women, focusing on the causes and types of HPV, as well as post-infection symptoms and incubation period and other relevant information. Girls are also reminded of the need to take care of their health. Dr. Ren patiently and carefully answered the questions of individual international students and offered advice and guidance to them.


The students benefited greatly from listening to this special public interest lecture. On the one hand, this lecture introduces the knowledge of womens health in detail and fills in the gaps in students' previous knowledge in the field of physiological health. On the other hand, Dr. Ren also answered a lot of relevant doubts to arouse the students' awareness of self-care and help them to really care for physical health and show their femininity.

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