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“Brightness - Anti-Epidemic Cup”, Healthy Body and Mind Contest

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Looking at the rapidly increasing number of confirmed cases every day, at first I was full of fear and anxiety. But teachers contact with us every day, concerned about our physical health and timely comfort us. I really thank the school, thank China. said Lan Hai from Bangladesh.


It's really great that the school organizes cultural and sports activities while ensuring the safety of the campus, and it's boring for us to stay in the dormitory every day. said Kimba from Guinea.

In the face of the sudden outbreak of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia, the Huzhou University International Students Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Plan was formulated timely. The International College is fully responsible for the overall arrangement. At present, the situation of epidemic prevention and control is still serious, and prevention and control of the import and spread of epidemics abroad has become the primary task.

Since January 29th, our school has implemented a closed management of the East Campus for more than 2 months. In order to ease the psychological pressure of international students, the International Institute organizes a two-day Brightness - Anti-Epidemic Cup with a series of competitions. After careful planning, on March 14, a series of competitions kicked off, and international students actively participated.

It is reported that the special team for international students' epidemic prevention and control has developed a series of effective practices. First, the One-to-One One-to-N contact system for all students to ensure the accuracy of information reporting. Second, the official epidemic prevention and control data are reported daily in the international students WeChat group. Third, online academic support is launched. Students are offered free HSK Levels 4 and 6 online courses by the International Academy through the National Chinese Affairs Office.

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