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Our School Held the Opening Ceremony of 2019 International Graduate Students

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On the afternoon of October 25, the opening ceremony of 2019 international graduate students of our university was held in the Lecture Hall 7-303. Jiang Yunliang, deputy secretary of the CPC Committee and Ye Jinyun, vice president of the university attended the ceremony. The heads of the academic affairs office, Graduate School, International College, student office, security office, logistics service center, relevant graduate training units and 166 international graduate students of 2019 from 47 countries attended the ceremony. The opening ceremony kicked off in the solemn national anthem. Ye Jinyun, on behalf of all the teachers and students, first extended a warm welcome to the 2019 international graduate students to study in our school, and introduced to the new students that Huzhou is the birthplace of silk culture, the birthplace of tea culture, and the birthplace of Hubi culture, known as the "Silk house, the land of fish and rice, and the city of culture"; Huzhou is also a node city connecting the north and South wings of the Yangtze River Delta and the eastern and central regions. The former is now fully integrated into the integration strategy of the Yangtze River Delta. He pointed out that Huzhou University is an open university. The school actively responds to the national " one belt one road directive " and cofounded the Confucius Institute with the Azerbaijan Language University, and established a cross-cultural research center, continuing to promote the internationalization of higher education, and exploring the diversification of the educational level of foreign students and gradually realizing the education of overseas students in "Transformation and upgrading" and connotation development. The school will create good learning conditions for international students, provide humanistic quality education and create a harmonious living environment. Ye Jinyun hopes that students can become a young scholar who studies hard and striving for excellence and has genuine talent. He hopes that students will become a peace envoy to understand Chinese culture and convey friendship between China and the world, build a bridge for cross cultural communication, make positive contributions in the construction of "one belt one road directive " and "the community of human destiny" and become the future international exchange and cooperation partner. In his speech, the teacher, Dr. Fang Xi, hoped that the students would cherish the opportunity to study abroad, make full use of the academic resources of the Huzhou University, carry forward the fine tradition of the Huzhou University, and practice the motto of "Ming Ti Da Yong", and make a positive contribution to the development of their own country and the construction of "one belt and one road".


Speaking on behalf of Oman, the student said that there are professional subject teachers, rich and diverse teaching methods, and an open learning and exchange environment, which make him acquire a lot. He hoped that all the new students would adapt as soon as possible, take the initiative to learn and achieve themselves. Wang Yifan, the new student representative, said that he would cherish the time, abide by the school rules and regulations, redouble his efforts, study professional knowledge seriously, and realize his wonderful life!


Finally, the opening ceremony of 2019 international graduate students was successfully concluded in enthusiastic applause.

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