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Opening of the 7th Huyuan Culture Festival

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On the evening of October 25, the 7th Huyuan Culture Festival of our university opened, and the new stage of the drama "Gentleman Huyuan" was staged in the Great Hall of the East Campus. More than a thousand freshmen watched the performance, and the response was warm.


"Gentleman Huyuan" tells about Mr. Hu Yuan's learning and teaching experience, and shows the way of cultivating a modest gentleman. The whole play is divided into four scenes, which lead to four important stages of Mr. Hu Yuan's life with the words of the storyteller. It vividly narrates Mr. Hu Yuan's hard study experience, describes Mr. Hu Yuan and the five sages in the Wenhui Hall reciting poems, talking about the past and discussing the present, reappears Mr. Hu Yuan's "Separate Class Teaching System" in Huzhou, and creates the teaching thought of "Ming Ti Da Yong" and the scene of teachers and students' integration.

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