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Launching Ceremony of Chinese Teaching Online Distance Training Course in Azerbaijan

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On September 28, on the occasion of the birth of Confucius and the global Confucius Institute Day, the launching ceremony of the online distance training course for Chinese language teaching in Azerbaijan was held at UNEC. Laila Aliyeva, vice president of Aliyev Foundation (the eldest daughter of President Aliyev), Aleksperov, executive chair, Guo min, Chinese ambassador to Azerbaijan, and Mura, President of Azerbaijan University of Economics Doff, foreign president of Confucius Institute of Azerbaijan language university Rafik Abasov, directors of Confucius Institutes Li Jihua and some teachers and students attended the event. Ambassador Guo pointed out that he is glad to see the Chinese language teaching in Azerbaijan keep growing. The Chinese government encourages the youth of the two countries to learn the languages of each other's countries, so as to further enhance mutual understanding and friendship. The Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan will continue to provide necessary support and assistance and expand cultural and educational cooperation with Afghanistan. Teachers and students of Confucius Institute of Arabic Language University demonstrated cucurbit flute, calligraphy, poetry recitation and dance.


With the active efforts of the Confucius Institute of Language University of Azerbaijan, the online distance training course for Chinese teaching in Afghanistan has started in the middle of September. This course is aimed at Chinese beginners in Afghanistan, offering listening, speaking, reading and writing professional skills courses, each for three months, three times a week, one and a half hours each time. The training project will continue to roll. At present, there are plenty of applications. At the initial stage, there are two classes. Students do not have to be out of work. They can obtain a certificate of completion when they finished. Those with excellent performance have the opportunity to go to China for further education. This online teaching project is led by the Aliyev foundation. National Economic University of Azerbaijan provides the teaching site. The Confucius Institute of Language University of Azerbaijan is responsible for the specific teaching. The Azerbaijani doctor of Chinese from Beijing Foreign Studies University, Agshen Aliyev, is responsible for the grammar interpretation.

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