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Our School Held the Opening Ceremony and Military Training Mobilization Meeting for 2019 Freshmen

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On the morning of September 10, the opening ceremony and military training mobilization conference of 2019 new students of our school was held in Changxing Square. Jin Peihua, Secretary of the Party committee of the University, Zhang Liqin, President, Yang Liu, deputy director of the school affairs committee and President of Qiuzhen college, Jiang Yunliang, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the University, Ye Jinyun, deputy president, Zhu Hong, Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, Ma Zhihe, Chen Yaming and Shu Zhiding, vice president, He Xiaoqing, member of the Party committee and head of the organization, Du Ning, member of the Party committee and head of the propaganda, and Fan Xiao, deputy political commissar of the Chinese People's Liberation Army attended. The opening ceremony was attended by the heads of secondary colleges and relevant departments, teachers' representatives, trainers of the training units, all 2019 level junior college students and 252 graduate students. The opening ceremony was presided over by Jiang Yunliang.


At the ceremony, Shu Zhiding read out the list of new students' scholarships. The school leaders presented awards to 29 scholarship winners.

In order to carry forward and inherit the traditional culture of the Chinese nation and enhance the cultural accomplishment of college students, the University also prepared a present for the freshmen, including 11 classic books of traditional culture such as “Introduction to Philosophy”, “Spirit of the Chinese People” and 9 classic books of philosophy and life such as “Human Words” and “Biography”. At the ceremony, four teacher representatives, Professor Hu Shujuan, researcher Gong Jingxing, Professor Pan Mingfu and associate professor Bao Yuanhang, presented classic books of Chinese learning to the new students.

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