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"Yuanhang 2019" Summer College Students' International Exchange and Learning Project Successfully Ended

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In recent years, the University places great importance on the internationalization of education. Focusing on expanding the international vision of college students, promoting their ability of international exchange and learning, and training international talents, our school has carefully planned and implemented the plan " Yuanhang ", and actively carried out international exchange and learning projects for college students. During this summer vacation, our school has organized students to visit Azerbaijan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Thailand and other countries to carry out cultural exchanges, summer courses, scientific research cooperation, professional practice and other projects, and sent more than 100 students. The school pays great attention to the process management and service of students' exchange and learning projects, strictly selects and dispatches team leaders, grasps the progress of each project in real time, and ensures the smooth progress of the whole visiting process in an all-round way. The international exchange and learning work of college students during the summer vacation of "Yuanhang 2019" has been successfully ended


This summer's "Yuanhang "project embodies three characteristics. First, it launched the famous school project for the first time. In order to build a platform for high-level international exchange and visit for studying project, and build a platform of zero distance between famous schoolsfor students. The university has launched the summer study projects of several world-class famous schools, such as Harvard University, Oxford University, Cambridge University, National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Waseda University of Japan, etc. Nearly 30 students become the beneficiaries of the first batch of famous school projects. Second, for the first time, achieving the objective of the exchange of Chinese and foreign students. This year, during the summer camp in Confucius Institute of Azerbaijan language university, our school organized 20 students who are major in Russia to study in this university for the first time, realizing the exchange of Chinese and foreign students. The third is to realize the full coverage of "Yuanhang" summer program for the whole school. This summer, various projects cover from professional learning, cultural exchange, scientific and technological exploration, language learning and other aspects which realizing the broad coverage of "Yuanhang" project for the whole school. In the content design of the project, we are committed to carrying out various forms and content of learning activities, focusing on "academic exchange within the school, supplemented by cultural experience outside the school", to create a academic atmosphere. For example, the Oxford Universitys research project focuses on in-depth learning in class. Immersing in all English teaching environment, students experience the teaching methods of Oxford University professors, and carefully conduct group discussion and report defense.


The students who took part in the summer program of "Yuanhang 2019" said they benefited a lot. Wu Yi who is from the school of teacher education participated in the summer study program of Harvard University in the United States, said, "Thank you so much for this opportunity. I really didn't expect to be in a position to sit in the classroom of Harvard University and listen to the courses taught by top universities. I feel very lucky. For two weeks, we have classes at Harvard every morning, mainly concentrating on global strategic planning, economic globalization and leadership. The main form of the course is heuristic exploration. Everyone's participation is very high, which makes me fully feel the charm of academic freedom and be touched. Chen Yuhua, a student from the school of foreign languages who participated in the summer study program of Cambridge University in the UK, said, "My study and life in Cambridge have taught me the concept of shared learning. What's most surprising is that our group got the first place in the graduation and got the recommendation letter signed by the academician of Cambridge University, which gave me confidence and courage to apply for graduate students of world famous universities later.

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