The College of Foreign Languages Achieved Sub-project of the National Major Cultural Project

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Recently, the "Research on the Communication of Japanese Wushan Zen Monk and Chinese Poetry of the Pre-Tang and Han dynasty" declared by Zhang Yongping, a teacher in the College of Foreign Languages of our university, awarded the first batch of projects (project number: HBY201804) of the national major cultural project "the project of global Chinese literature integration", with a funding of 150,000 yuan and a 3-year research cycle.


"The project of global Chinese literature integration" is a comprehensive cultural project to investigate, copy, sort out and study ancient Chinese literature abroad. Under the unified guidance of the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance, it is implemented by the Shandong University with an annual allocation of 27 million yuan from the state. This project is of great significance to the perfection of the system of storing ancient Chinese books, to the completion of the systematization and integrity of Chinese culture, to the further development of International Sinology and to the strengthening of international cultural exchanges.

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