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The 2019 New Year Party of Our School was Held

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On the evening of December 27th, the New Year party of our school in 2019, "forty years in full bloom, two mountains in a dream continued to glory", was staged in the east campus great hall. School Party and government leading group and more than 2,000 teachers and students gathered together to create a dream.


A light and smooth dance " Beautiful Matchless " opened the prelude to this New Year party. Graceful and gentle, the classic Yue opera performance Butterfly Lovers, two dancers in flowing costumes wowed the audience. Chamber music The Sound of Falling Snow" and Guzheng ensemble "Jasmine Fragrance" respectively with western instruments and Chinese instruments played familiar music, captivated the audience. The folk song "Katyusha" in the interpretation of a number of boys, given us a glimpse of warm friendship and patriotism. International students brought "Deep and Quiet" to the audience which enabled the audience to feel the wonderful exotic culture between singing and dancing. "Forty Years of Happy Songs" by the Hukouxiaosheng and the original recitation of "Forty Years of Huzhou University" by Su Xianghong, Liu Fang, Pan Mingfu and Shi Weiwei from College of Liberal Arts, set up a new dream of long years. The hip-hop, aerobics and dance in "Those Things on the Street", "Dancing Posture", "The Sound of Bamboo Grove " in turn, showing the youth of the students overflowing. "Fancy years" and " Sound Flow Years" presented by teachers, school etiquette team and top ten singers. This interpretation originated in different eras of cultural collision, brought visual and auditory gluttonous feast. The programme closely followed the theme of commemorating the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening-up, showed different characteristics of the times, caused the infinite aftertaste of the audience. Finally, the show ended with the songs "Applause" and "Loving Each Other" by the Hongliu Art Troupe and the art college chorus.

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