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President Zhang Liqin Led a Delegation to Visit Three International Renowned Universities in Canada and Japan

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Recently, at the invitation of the University of British Columbia (UBC), the University of Toronto and Kyoto University, president Zhang Liqin and his five colleagues went to Canada and Japan for academic exchanges and visits. Our delegation has had in-depth exchanges with the head of three world-class universities, institutes and colleges of similar disciplines, reached framework agreements and achieved fruitful results.


The delegation visited three world-renowned universities to fully understand the law of synergetic development of industry-university-research and the latest progress of high-end scientific research in world-renowned universities. It has taken a solid step to shorten the distance between our university the world-renowned universities. At the same time, the delegation learned about the latest research trends and information in the field of higher education in developed countries, and discussed issues such as government support, funding guarantee, scientific research evaluation system, and school management system. Our all-round and multi-level understanding of the development situation of international higher education has further promoted the exchange and cooperation between our university and internationally famous universities, and has also helped our university to optimize the layout and make relevant policies according to its own development reality, so as to improve the management level of higher education in our university.

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