The Director of Intercultural Research Center in Our School released his book 30 YEARS IN RUSSIA

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Zhang Shuxin, the director of Intercultural Research Center in Our School and the dean of Institute of information and intelligence, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, officially released his new book 30 YEARS IN RUSSIA-National Reform and Institutional Choice and held the book launch in Beijing. Kong Dan, the Chairman of CITIC Reform and Development Research Foundation, Li Shenming, Former vice president of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Wang Haiyun, a retired major general previously stationed in Russia, Wu Enyuan, the former dean of Russian, Central Asian & East European Studies Institute and other relevant important personage attended the workshop. Kong Dan highly appraised the new book. He pointed that, Russia, as the major world power, is the important China's important strategic partner as well as a mirror of China's development.


30 YEARS IN RUSSIA was co-published by the China Road Research Publishing Center, China Citic Press and China Social Sciences Press. The entire book has more than 300 thousands words and fully exhibits the social transformation and hard exploration during 30 years in Russia.

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