Research Achievements of Our School Teachers' Participation Firstly Published in NATURE

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On April 30th, the measurement experiment results of basic physical quantity - gravitational constant G was published in the NATURE-one of global top journals. The result is the most precise numerical values up to now. Quan Dili, the teacher of Engineering College participated in the experiment, which is the first time our school debuted in this journal as the signature unit.

This research was accomplished by the team of Professor Luojun (Center of Gravity Experiment, School of Physics, Huazhong University of Science and Technology). The experiment adopted two independent measurement methods. The research process lasted 30 years. Quan Dili joined the team during his doctoral study period and he primarily participated in the experiment of Angular Acceleration Method as well as some experimental devices research. The entire experiment has important significance to test universal gravitation and deeply study gravitational interaction. NATURE commented that this experiment is the excellent model of precision measurement. 

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