Huzhou University is a full-time comprehensive university of regular undergraduate. Its history can date backs to the year of 1916 when the Qiantang Dao(“Dao” is an old administrative unit, almost likes the “county”) set up the NO.3 Teachers’ Training School. It began to carry out higher educational program in 1958, and started to recruit undergraduates in 1994. In March 1999, Huzhou University was founded, by consolidating three former colleges and schools: Huzhou Normal Junior College, Huzhou Teacher’s School and Huzhou Teacher’s Training School. The later year in May, the former Huzhou Medical School merged into the newly founded university. Huzhou University passed the assessment of undergraduate teaching work organized by the Ministry of Education with evaluation of “good”in November 2005.The university has been entitled as the National Civilized Unit. It is qualified to recruit and cultivate both undergraduates and postgraduates and among the list of pilot universities to implement the national education training programs called “Excellent Doctors” and “Excellent Talents of Agriculture and Forestry”.  Huzhou University is one of the key universities in the process of enrollment of regular institutions of higher learning in Zhejiang Province.

    Huzhou University is located in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province. It is a historical city with beautiful landscape and transportation convenience. With Shanghai in the east, Hangzhou in the south, Nanjing in the north and facing Suzhou and Wuxi between the Lake Taihu, Huzhou boast for profound cultural background and excellent ecological environment, and has outstanding regional advantages. As the only one of full-time undergraduate university in Huzhou , Huzhou University is a bright pearl lying on the southern bank of Lake Taihu.


    Huzhou University covers an area of 1600 Mu, including 550000 square meters of buildings,350000 square meters of green area. It constitutes three campus- eastern, central and western campus. They are reasonably planned with beautiful environment and has attractive sceneries in each season. The university is composed of 14 secondary schools,1 independent college- Qiuzhen college,2 clinical medical schools,4 affiliated hospitals,1 affiliated middle school and two affiliated primary schools. It has more than 18000 fulltime students and 5000 part-time students. Its library, with a overall floorage of 30000 square meters, in total collects more than 2080000 books(including e-books ) and subscripts over 1500 kinds of periodicals from the world.


    Huzhou University has 11 categories of discipline, including economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medical science, management and art, which contains 55 undergraduate programs. It has a master program that aims at cultivating  talents to meet with the country’s special needs(Master of Nursing ), 11 key technological innovation teams of provincial level, a NSFC (National Natural Science Foundation of China)sponsored project- academic exchanging and platform building in the theoretical physics and physical direction, a key servicing platform of provincial level for technological innovation, 1 national engineering laboratory, 1 key laboratory of provincial level, 2 provincial engineering laboratories,1 key laboratory of municipal level, 5 key disciplines of provincial level; 2 national special programs,1 national pilot project of comprehensive program reform,10 key programs of provincial level, 3 advantageous programs of provincial level, 7 newly-developed special programs of provincial level, 2 national-level of excellent courses,2 national-level of excellent resource sharing courses, 26 excellent courses of provincial level; 1 national-level educational base for student’s off-Campus practicing,2 provincial-level educational bases for student’s experimental teaching demonstration centers(including those still  under construction ), 1 experimental innovative area of personal training mode at provincial level. Huzhou University is the standardized base of ecological civilization of Zhejiang province, the educational base of teachers, the cultivation base for medical talents of the rural areas and communities in Zhejiang. Huzhou University enjoys abundant enrolment of students, and has seen a continuing improvement of its graduates’ employment quality. 

    Huzhou University  now has more than 1270 faculty members, including 825 full-time teachers among which are 107 full professors, 218 associate professors. There are 250 teachers who hold PHD degrees. The University has one national star teacher ,1 scientist who is on a ministerial post,2 persons listed in the national program called “Thousand Talents ”, 1 listed in the national program called “Ten Thousand Talents ”, 2 chosen as the provincial Qianjiang scholar and distinguished professor, 2 conferred as the provincial specialists,3 listed in the provinc “Thousand Talents ”program, 1 sponsored by the province’s “151Talents Project”,23  selected  as young and middle-aged discipline leaders in Zhejiang’s  higher education area. Huzhou University has 10 persons awarded the special allowance of the State Council, 9 awarded the Zeng Zixian Educational Found, 4 granted as National Prominent Teacher,2  national prominent ideology and politics teacher, 8 granted as National Prominent  (college and university )Teacher, 4 provincial star teachers.

    Recent years, Professors and teachers of  Huzhou  University undertook 39 projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC),14 projects supported by  National Philosophy and social Science Foundation,93 provincial projects. They have won 1 second national prize in the higher education teaching area, 2 first provincial prize for scientific progress, 2  first provincial prizes and 2 second provincial prizes in the higher education teaching area,6 second provincial prizes for science and technology, 4 second and 10 third  provincial prizes of excellent achievement in the philosophical and social area, 2 provincial prizes of academic progress in the philosophical and social area,1 third prize of excellent achievement in scientific research(humanistic and social science) which awarded by the Ministry of Education, 1 second prize of excellent achievement in sports social sciences. Collaborating with the Huzhou government and the Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resource Research of  Chinese Academy of Sciences , Huzhou University built the Chinese Institute of Ecological Civilization. Furthermore, Huzhou University proactively cooperated with the Huzhou government to build many institutes and organizations, including the Huzhou Institute of Development Studies, Huzhou Institute of Rural Development Studies, Huzhou Institute of Marxism,School of Marxism and journalism, Huzhou Branch Institute of Development and Planning, etc.In total, Huzhou University has 5 research bases of philosophy and social science in Huzhou. In recent 5 years, Huzhou University has established relations with over 400 enterprises and public institutions in the area of industry, education, and research cooperation. It has carried out more than 1000 projects that aimed at servicing for the local area, spent 150 million Yuan in serving the local, and served for enterprises and grass-roots areas, in total, more than 3600 times.  

    The implementation of open education and internationalization of higher education is an important part of the Huzhou University’ development strategy. The Huzhou University has actively carried out international cooperation and exchanges with other universities, and signed the exchanges and cooperation agreement with nearly 40 colleges and institutions from more than 10 countries and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions successively. It also cooperated with Azerbaijan National Language and Culture University to establish the Confucius Institute. Huzhou University has n implemented nearly 30 Young and Middle-Aged Teachers Overseas Training Plans and Foreign Intercollegiate Student Exchange Programs. Every year, it has nearly 200 students go aboard. In the other side, the university has enrolled hundreds of foreign students to study in this university successively. These students came from a dozen of countries, such as America, Russia and Ukraine. Currently it has more than 200 foreign undergraduate. The Huzhou University has established many special fund, such as “Liu Zengyong Teacher Award”, “Liu Zengyong Motivational Scholarship”, “Hong Kong Exchange Program” and “Zhao Mengtiao Scholarship Fund of Zhong Fu Foundation”. Moreover, It is the third unit in Zhejiang Province to join the “1 + 2 + 1 program” , a China-US cooperation platform of the ministry of education.

    Nourished by Huzhou’s profound history and culture, Huzhou University owns a series of museums and halls which named after a number of cultural figures in Huzhou, such as  the Shenhang Couplets Art museum, the Zhao Zichen and Zhao Luorui’s Memorial, the Liu Zengyong’s Memorial, the Pavilion of Huzhou’s  NO.1 Scholars, Hu Yuan Square,etc. Besides, Huzhou University also built a number cultural and ecological landscapes- Siyuan Square, Anji Garden, Changxing Square, Deqing Lake and so on- to preserve and enrich  this city’s culture and spirit.

    The Huzhou University use “明体达用”(to understand the system to achieve practically)as its motto. This educational thought comes from Hu Yuan, a famous educator of Northern song dynasty. The university, has formed the spirit of “Hardworking, Self-improvement, Harmonious advancing and enthusiastic ”and is advancing toward its goal of building a high-level university with specialties.

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