Huzhou University Wins the Red Dot Award for the Second Consecutive Year!

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  Recently, the winners of the German Red Dot Award 2023 have been announced, of which “Raise up” by Sheng Chuanxin (a teacher of the Department of Product Design, the School of Art, Huzhou University) has been selected among the world’s nearly 10,000 quality products. It is the second consecutive year that Sheng Chuanxin won this honor.

  “Raise up” is a cat climbing shelf designed to bring vitality and joy to life. Compared with cat climbing products on the market, the design is not only innovative in practical functions, but also focusing on how cats play and what people need emotionally. The shape of this product is inspired by horns and trumpets. These personalized music elements add vitality to the product. It enables funny interactive experience to help people cope with stress and improve their physical and mental health. This product is the representative result of three-year research into weaving technology by Sheng Chuanxin, who applies rattan materials to cat climbing products for the very first time in the industry. Featuring natural and elegant characteristics, this kind of material is also cool, anti-scratching, elastic, and very suitable for pets. It is reported that the design has been mass-produced.

  Originating in Germany, the Red Dot Award is internationally considered as one of the top awards for global industrial design. It looks back at a tradition spanning more than 60 years, and has been dubbed as the “Oscars” of international industrial design. The award is given only to design concepts that stand out in their categories. All award-winning products are presented in the Red Dot Design Museum Essen and in the Red Dot Design Yearbook. The evaluation process of this award is very strict, with thousands of products from more than 60 countries around the world participating in the two rounds of fierce competition, while the final winning works is less than 6%.

  It is worth noting that the work “EASYSELF” by the team led by Sheng Chuanxin (and his team member: Zhang Lu and Wu Shanshan) has won the German Red Dot Award 2022 last year. Winning this award for two consecutive years not only reflects our teachers’ excellent design capability and unremitting creative spirit, but also demonstrates the recognition of the design works by the international jury.

  In recent years, the School of Art has been always staying committed to bringing together disciplinary advantages, focusing on cutting-edge international perspectives, and continuously improving the professional level of teachers and students. The winning of this award will further encourage teachers and students to focus on the national strategy, social services and industrial upgrading needs, build more fashionable and creative culture, and produce more excellent design works.

  Correspondent: Shen Yaqian


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