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Success and Prosperity with Talent –– Huzhou University Held the Wuxing District Talent Event “Gathering Talents in Huzhou--Chunhui Talent Initiative” and “ ‘3+1’ Platform French High-level Talent Forum”

[作者]: [来源]:HR Department [时间]:2023-08-26 9:35:54 [阅读次数]:12

  In order to fully implement the primary strategy of “Quality Talents, Better University” and attract more high-level overseas talents to participate in the building of the university’s “3+1” Platform (3 High-level Modern Industry Schools and Sustainable Development Research Institute), Huzhou University cooperated with the Organization Department of the Huzhou Municipal Party Committee (Talent Office of the Municipal Party Committee), Huzhou Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and Wuxing District to hold the “Gathering Talents in Huzhou-- Chunhui Talent Initiative” and the “ ‘3+1’ Platform French High-level Talent Forum” on the morning of August 25. Xu Huixia (President), Lou Jianlin (Vice President), Ding Li (Head of the French Delegation of “Chunhui Talent Initiative”, Chairman of the All-French Chinese Science and Technology Workers Association), Zang Leiming (Deputy Minister of the Organization Department of the Huzhou Municipal Party Committee, Director of Huzhou Administration of Civil Service), Qian Zhenyu (Deputy Director of Huzhou Human Resources and Social Security Bureau), Zou Deming (Member of the Party Group of the Standing Committee of the Wuxing District People’s Congress and Deputy Director), Li Zhanqiang (President of the Huzhou Talent Development Group), Xu Liping (Director of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Wuxing District) attended the event, together with nearly 100 participants, including the French delegation of “Chunhui Talent Initiative”, members of the All-French Chinese Science and Technology Workers Association, heads of relevant departments of Huzhou University, leaders of relevant schools and representatives of teachers and students of the “3+1” Platform. Lou Jianlin presided over the ceremony.

  On behalf of the university, Xu Huixia extended a warm welcome to all the attending leaders, experts and scholars. She said that Huzhou University is a distinctive, strong, dedicated, and innovative university which aims high. Today, it is striving to become “a normal university of quite influence, at quite a level and enjoys quite a status nationwide” as proposed by President Xi Jinping (then worked in Zhejiang Province) during his inspection tour at the university in 2006. The comprehensive strength and social influence are continually increasing through the efforts of generations. In 2023, particularly, based on the eight emerging industrial chains and major economic and social needs of Huzhou, the university established three High-level Modern Industry Schools (namely intelligent equipment, semiconductor and photonics, and biological medicine) and Sustainable Development Research Institute, or “3+1” Platform, by integrating the “Double Hundred Action” plan and the Disciplinary Peak-building Project. Xu hoped to attract more overseas top scientists and excellent engineers to join Huzhou University by virtue of this Platform, jointly explore the innovation practice of “ecology + technology + industry”, and promote the deep integration of the industrial chain, innovation chain and talent chain.

  Ding Li briefly introduced the All-French Chinese Science and Technology Workers Association, and reviewed the relation of the association and her to Zhejiang Province and Huzhou. She said that the Association has gathered high-level Chinese talents in France engaged in intelligent equipment, biomedicine, semiconductor and other fields, and some members have become internationally renowned industry leader. She hoped that the Association will continue to play a role as a bridge to promote exchanges and cooperation between China and France, especially introducing more talents to Huzhou for innovation and entrepreneurship and more projects to settle down in Huzhou.

  Zang Leiming expressed that Huzhou is a green, innovative, beautiful and medium-sized city with outstanding people, convenient transportation, prosperous industry and profound atmosphere that values talents. He hoped that this event would further enhance the talent exchange between Huzhou and Franc to explore more cooperation mechanism, scientific and technological innovation, project docking, and talent attraction. He expected all kinds of talents to help to promote Huzhou and more overseas high-level talents to innovate and start businesses in Huzhou, ultimately realizing the vision of “seeing a beautiful China and achieving a better life in Huzhou”。 Finally, Zang made a detailed introduction to the entrepreneurial environment and talent policies of the Wuxing district.

  At the ceremony, Huzhou University and Huzhou Talent Development Group signed a cooperation framework agreement with the All-French Chinese Science and Technology Workers Association respectively, and held the launch ceremony for  “ ‘3+1’ Platform French High-level Talent Forum” as well as the Wuxing District talent event “Gathering Talents in Huzhou -- Chunhui Talent Initiative”.

  During the conference, Ding Li (Chief Scientist of Kobo Products), Ye Shixin (Lifetime Researcher of the French National Academy of Medicine), Bai Jinbo (Professor of the French National Centre for Scientific Research), Hui Fangmin (Researcher of the French National Centre for Scientific Research), and Wang Xiao (Technical Director of the French Headquarters of Qorvo) made academic reports successively.

  At the sub-forums of the conference, 18 experts and scholars attended seminars of related disciplines, which were also joined by teacher representatives from Huzhou University.

  Visits to related enterprises in Wuxing District were also arranged During the event.


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