Teacher from Huzhou University Publishes Paper in SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT

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Recently, Lecturer Li Peng from Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratory of Vector Biology and Pathogen Control, School of Life Sciences of our University has made innovative progress in the research of conservation agriculture measures on soil carbon sequestration. With him as the first author and our university as the first unit, the paper entitled Global-scale no-tillage impacts on soil aggregates and associated carbon and nitrogen concentrations in Soil. croplands: A meta-analysis has been carried on the internationally renowned academic journal Science of The Total Environment (TOP q1 Chinese Academy of Sciences, IF: 10.75). Also involved in this work are Professor Wu Yufei from School of Life Sciences, Dr. Deng Jianjun, Dr. Li Chunkai, Researcher Jiao Jianguo and Professor Hu Feng from School of Resources and Environmental Sciences of Nanjing Agricultural University, Dr. Tian Shanyi from  School of Resources and Environment of Southwest University, Agronomist Zhao Gen from Huzhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Jiang Min from Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning of Changxing County.


No-tillage as the primary conservation agriculture practice has been widely used as an effective and sustainable alternative to conventional farming and has greatly affected soil physical quality and organic carbon dynamics in farmland ecosystems. Although some studies have reported the effects of no-tillage on soil aggregate stability and soil organic carbon concentration, the underlying mechanisms of the response of soil aggregates, aggregate associated organic carbon and total nitrogen to no-tillage remain unclear. Through a comprehensive analysis of 91 global farmland ecosystem studies, Li Pengs study revealed the mechanism of the effects of no-tillage on soil aggregates and their associated carbon and nitrogen concentrations. The research results can provide theoretical support and scientific guidance for sustainable agricultural production.


Thesis information:

Li P, Ying D, Li J, Deng J, Li C, Tian S, Zhao G, Wu C, Jiao J, Jiang M, Hu F. Global-scale no-tillage impacts on soil aggregates and associated carbon and nitrogen concentrations in croplands: A meta-analysis[J]. Science of The Total Environment, 2023: 163570.


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